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Neil Pryde Hoftetrapes Bom 2 Flexcore
Merke: Neil Pryde
Hoftetrapes som fungerer til både windsurfing og kitesurfing. Lav vekt, veldig bra Komfort og bevegelse gjør denne trapesen til en vinner. Kommer komplett med krok.
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F2  Team Pro Harness
Merke: F2
Trapes fra F2 som er designet for Windsurfing og Kite. Stor rygg plate for maksimal komfort og at den skal sitte slik at den ikke sklir opp. TEAM PRO The incomparable comfort of the new F2 Team Pro harness provides the same mobility as a waist Harness while adjusting perfectly to your body. Thanks to it‘s special construction, the trousers don‘t move and stay where they are. Multi-zone padding on the inside to prevent uncomfortable pressure points.
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Neil Pryte Proton Hofte trapes W/K
Neste nivå av trapes, designet for windsurf og kite for maksimal support og passform. Next-level support and lightweight meet flexibility and a forgiving feel, delivering a hybrid Harness that will make you stand out on the water. We removed the stiff core typically found in a shell harness and replaced it with tough and lightweight Surlyn material developed by scientists at Dupont in order to retain most of the benefits of a hard shell, while improving flex in places riders need it most. This low profile Harness can be used for both Kiteboarding and Windsurfing, in freestyle, wave or freeride disciplines. It comes together with the new EZ stainless steel spreader bar and pad.
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