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The SX1000 boom is designed to give your rig with the most direct, responsive and light feel possible. The boom is the link between the rider and the rig and it much defines its performance. The SX1000 is manufactured from the highest quality pre-preg carbon available in both the body and tail extension. Most modern carbon booms are pre-preg but what is crucial to the performance is the quality of carbon and how the layup is designed. For optimal strength to weight ratio we use inner layers of uni-directional carbon along the boom arm to create extreme stiff spine. On the outside of the carbon tubing we use a carbonfiber weave to make the boom extremely strong. This makes SX1000 boom incredible stiff, light and strong. This sandwich technique is much like the layup technique seen in our board construction. For maximum riding comfort the SX1000 features a super thin grip. We vary the diameter used according to the discipline; 26mm for the wave boom, 27mm on the 180-slalom boom, and 29mm on the two larger sizes of the slalom boom. The outline is developed specifically for each size to promote the best rig dynamics possible. The tail piece on the SX1000 140 and 150 comes equipped with a loop system for quick and easy outhaul setting. On the 180, 200 and 220 the tail piece are equipped with a integrated roller trim system. The XO boom head is designed for maximum grip to the mast. With a high friction contact surface against the mast, a robust rope hook and a boom lever that allows you to effortless apply high-tension when securing the boom to its correct position. Anbefalles spesielt av Surfone..
Merke: Neil Pryde
A monocoque bom er ypperlig utformet og designet for ulike bruksområder. Bommen har med seg de fleste nøkkelkomponentene som brukes på karbonbommene noe som sikrer at a NP XA er laget for at man skal kunne holde det beste i hendene. Du får veldig god informasjon på NP sin hjemmeside : LENGTH/CM DIAMETER/CM RDM MAST SHIM WEIGHT/KG CODE 140-190 2.8 YES 2.7 RBXA00000STD140 165-225 2.8 YES 3 RBXA00000STD165
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5.900,- 5.015,-
Merke: Point-7
The first target from the Point-7 Black Team when developing a boom is the curve. This is not about having a curve from the new generation as many might call it. It’s about having a curve which allows your front and back arm to sit in a natural ergonomic position while sailing, automatically positioning the sail at the right angle for the wind to enter and exit the sail. This position varies with the wind strength and windsurfing discipline, so each boom size needs to be developed accordingly. black team curves. The needs of a wave boom’s curve is very different from the curve for a slalom boom, just like a slalom boom for strong wind is very different from a boom for light wind slalom – one needs to offer control and the other power. Developing the right curve brings comfort and, respectively, performance. back end width. We have developed the correct tail width to suit each boom size and its uses. The width of the back end of a boom is very important – the wider, the more power; the narrower, the more control. We have studied each size to fit best the sail sizes it’s designed for. smart balanced design. Diameter is another important factor as it does bring comfort to the forearms and saves wasting energy whilst out on the water. At Point-7 we have developed our boom using the Octatube – a carbon tube shape with 8 sides, designed to ergonomically fit the natural shape of the hand when gripping. We vary the diameter used according to the discipline; 25mm for the wave boom, 27mm on the 170-slalom boom, and 29mm on the two larger sizes of the slalom boom. '
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Sterk Monocoque bom, som sørger for ekstra stivhet. 29 mm rør. Bommene har forskjellige curver for å optimalisere de ulike bommene etter bruksområde og vind. Bommen har et av makedets beste fronstykke som gjør at bommen ikke sklir ned under seiling.
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Merke: Neil Pryde
Vår XF aluminiums bom vil utmerke seg og overleve gjennom hver økt. XF-bommen er den beste og stiveste aluminiums-bommen som NeilPryde noensinne har designet, og det beste alternativet til karbonbommer. 140-190 2.8 YES - 2.66 RBXF00000STD140 160-220 2.8 YES - 2.9 RBXF00000STD160 175-225 3.0 - YES 3.09 RBXF00000STD175 200-250 3.0 - YES 3.28 RBXF00000STD200
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