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Merke: Point-7
Full contact windsurfing is how our PWA riders wants their seat harness. Designed using a minimal structure with no padding to keep the direct feeling of the sail, giving the comfort needed to achieve great average and top end-speeds with full control! The harness can be adjusted to the millimetre ensuring the optimal fit, comfort and output from your entire rig.
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Merke: DaKine
Faste trapesliner i kjent Dakine kvalitet.
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No need to take out the boom end, only 10 seconds are needed to place them on the boom Thick rubber loop pull, for shortening the harness lines to achieve more power in light wind. Loop is wide to fit 3 fingers and change length in full speed position Clap cleat for easy and fast lengthening of the lines. Make them longer in no time for extra comfort in stronger winds The cleat requires little power to change the harness lines length Lines do not swing. Easy to hook into
Fastkrok" utgaven av verdens mest kopierte og annerkjente trapes! Førstevalget for seriøse windsurfere. Yttersiden består at 3 deler, som gjør at den former seg perfekt etter kroppen. Sammen med PowerBelt og en anatomisk utformet innside, sitter den på plass. Og du denne varer nesten evig. T7 og T8 former seg til kroppen/spesial padding. Texon materiale gir en helt unik passform.
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Merke: f2
Trapes fra F2 som er designet for Windsurfing og Kite. Stor rygg plate for maksimal komfort og at den skal sitte slik at den ikke sklir opp. TEAM PRO The incomparable comfort of the new F2 Team Pro harness provides the same mobility as a waist Harness while adjusting perfectly to your body. Thanks to it‘s special construction, the trousers don‘t move and stay where they are. Multi-zone padding on the inside to prevent uncomfortable pressure points.
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