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Carbon Art Speed
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Carbon art for den som er ute etter sitt individuelle brett, hvor du kan velge mellom ulike konstruksjoner, farge kombinasjoner, graphic og ikke minst har du også mulighet til å ta noen små justeringer på shapen om du har behov for det. Produksjon og Leveringstid +- 6 uker. Pris som er oppgitt er levert Vestby. For mye mer informasjon sjekk deres hjemmeside : Ta kontakt for bestilling og veiledning. / 98993646 Unlock your highest speed potential. The new SPEED range is dedicated to going flat out fast. To push the speed envelope in real world conditions you need maximum control, full concentration, and a board that doesn’t distract you from finding your line. A Carbon Art SPEED board is designed to trim like a plane on autopilot, allowing the rider to focus 100% on the wind and chop ahead, and shatter their personal speed barrier. Many new CA SPEED board riders are surprised at the ease of use, and smashing personal best speeds on the first outing is a regular result. infinite speed design logo Perfectly suited for both real-world GPS speed sailing and video-timed record attempts. The smooth low entry rocker provides minimal drag, faster acceleration and a higher top end speed. The continuous rocker and vee reduce towards the tail, giving a sweet auto-trim effect, while the recessed deck profile lowers the centre-of-effort of the rig. This lets the rider maintain the trim through the meanest of gusts and achieve breathtakingly fast runs. The Carbon Art SPEED range has been designed, tested and proven at the world-class speed venues of Luderitz, Sandy Pt and Walvis Bay. With unrivalled versatility, the Carbon Art SPEED boards excel in the small rolling chop found in real-world speed conditions, while other designs are struggling for control. Feedback from riders around the world says the latest boards raise the bar to an all-new level. A Carbon Art SPEED board delivers the ultimate performance in record-breaking conditions. These boards are ridden to victory at multiple international speed events every year, including taking out the ISWC Board Manufacturers Ranking. Two construction options are available: Tech and Pro. The Pro construction uses a combination of T700 12k ribbon carbon on the deck and T700 double bias carbon on the bottom, giving the best combination of stiffness to retain the original rocker and flex to absorb the chop. / Speed Board Specifications Speed Model Volume (ltrs) Width (cm) Length (cm) Weight (kg) Tech | Pro Fin (cm) Tuttle Box Sail Range (70-90kg sailor) SP 49 49 38 235 3.8 | 3.5 18-20 3.5 - 5.0 SP 54 54 41 235 4.2 | 3.9 20-22 4.0 - 5.5 SP 60 60 44 237 4.7 | 4.3 22-26 4.0 - 6.0 SP 67 67 49 237 5.2 | 4.8 24-28 4.5 - 6.5
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