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F2 VEGA LTD 2019
F2 VEGA LTD 2019
F2 VEGA LTD 2019

F2 VEGA LTD 2019

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You are lookin for an easy to drive board to accelerate and jibe? Then you are a freerider. And we build the board that will put a smile on your face - the F2 VEGAS LTD! You can move away in highspeed mode with no effoert and stay in control even when the wind picks up and conditions get rougher. Even in strong winds and on choppy shafts, the F2 VEGAS LTD maintains its stable sliding position. The bow stays down and your ride is very easy to control. This board gives a sporty free riding feeling and does exactly what you want. You can thunder at full throttle into every jibe with pleasure and relaxation. You carve safely as if on rails into the desired radii and pull out of the jibe without losing speed. The F2 VEGAS LTD embodies freeriding in perfection - fpr advanced beginners and experienced surfers alike. One board for everyone and always!