Carbon Art Kina Wave
Carbon Art Kina Wave
Carbon Art Kina Wave

Carbon Art Kina Wave

The hyper dynamic wave destroying machine.


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Carbon art for den som er ute etter sitt individuelle brett, hvor du kan velge mellom ulike konstruksjoner, farge kombinasjoner, graphic og ikke minst har du også mulighet til å ta noen små justeringer på shapen om du har behov for det.

Produksjon og Leveringstid +- 6 uker.

Pris som er oppgitt er levert Vestby.

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“ [kee-nuh] (noun) sea urchin, Evechinus chloroticus – a marine creature with threatening weaponlike spikes, feeds on waves and extreme attitude. ”
The hyper dynamic wave destroying machine.
Our DTL specialist, designed, tested and refined to bring out the best in you on those magic days, ideal shapes that work best in side to side offshore and long period swell, hitting point breaks, reefs or beach breaks.

A progressive rocker line combines with a forward vee feeding into double concave bottom shape, delivering exhilirating wave performance. You’ll be riding in parts of the wave that were previously out of reach, with more speed and power than you ever thought possible. This dynamic shape provides a perfected balance of drive and release, from top to bottom on the wave face.

Subtle accelerated tail kick and aggressive pintail with a full outline curve between the feet, make for fast explosive manoeuvres above the lip and a flowing controlled style in the critical parts of the wave, but still keeps drive and speed through flatter sections. A wider more aggressive stance position enables better control, style and landings during aerial manoeuvres. And the fuller, flatter deck shape around the mid-forward section, heightens low wind ability, while the rear tail section is refined and action focused, designed to deliver the control you demand.
The highlight of the Kina really is the combination of drive and release , giving you the ultimate pass to expression and freedm on or above the wave face.

The KINA – serious wave weaponry.

KINA Wave Board Price
All constructions supplied with premium footstraps, CA-T Series fins + your choice of CA Wave graphic.

/ KINA Wave Board Specifications

KINA Model
Volume (ltrs)
Width (cm)
Length (cm)
Weight (kg)
Tech | Pro | eLite
Fin (cm)
Main | Thrusters
Sail Range
(70-90kg sailor)
KINA Wave 75
5.9 | 5.4 | 5
15.5 | 10.5
3.5 - 5.0
KINA Wave 80
6.1 | 5.5 | 5.1
16.5 | 11.5
4.0 - 5.3
KINA Wave 87
6.2 | 5.6 | 5.2
17.5 | 11.5
4.0 - 5.3
KINA Wave 92
6.4 | 5.8 | 5.4
18.5 | 11.5
4.0 - 5.5
KINA Wave 99
6.7 | 6.1 | 5.7
18.5 | 12.5
4.0 - 5.6

Tech Construction Kr 22000.-
Affordable high quality construction, built tough.
Pro HD Construction Kr 23500.-
Pro edition construction, super strong and light.
Pro eLITE Construction Kr 25000.-
Hyper light pro construction for elite performance.