Maui Ultra Fins Style Pro 02 Power Box

Maui Ultra Fins Style Pro 02 Power Box


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Varenummer 197
Freestyle finne for den seriøse freestyler.

Maui Ultrafin har verdens største finnelager med mer en 6000 finner på lager, har vi ikke din finne på lager får vi tilsendt finner fra Maui Ultra Fin løpet av 5 virkedager.

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Our new Style-Pro-02 is a the result of 2 years of R & D based on the original title-winning Style-Pro. An optimized thin profile still caters for early planing, combined with a higher top-speed for the extra height in jumps, excellent grip and superb sliding characteristics. This fin was developed in close cooperation with our PWA freestylers for powerful freestyling and is especially suited for double moves.
Best suited for: Extreme freestyling in all conditions

Systems: PB + US/SLOT

Fin data

Length, cm 17 18 19 20
Area, cm2 133 142 152 162