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2020 S2 Maui Alchemy
2020 S2 Maui Alchemy
2020 S2 Maui Alchemy
2020 S2 Maui Alchemy

2020 S2 Maui Alchemy

Vårt mest alsidige seil for bølger og hardere vinder.



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Merke S2 Maui
S2 Maui Alchemeny er et seil som passer til alle forhold og til alle typer brett og seilestiler. S2 Maui Alchemeny som er et av markedets letteste seil, har et stort vindområde og super lett i hånden. Passer perfekt til norske forhold enten du seiler på Lista med en quad eller i Oslofjorden med freeride eller fsw.

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The 2020 S2Maui Alchemy is an incredibly smooth, stable and versatile 5-batten wavesail with the greatest top-end wind range. Classic, neutral handling during wave riding combined with outstanding stability and power allow the Alchemy to excel in all high wind wave and bump and jump conditions. Superior upwind ability gets you back to take off points faster, and its perfect balance gives confidence in the air. Covering and exceeding the abilities of traditional power, sideshore and bump and jump sails, the Alchemy provides the magic combination of exceptional control, stability, power and effortless handling, no matter what the conditions.
Casey Hauser:
“I love the Alchemy for when it’s windy and I want to blast around, jump, or catch as many waves as I can.

Vi har seil for testing.

The top end feels limitless, and though it has a more locked in feeling, it’s still light in the hands and easy to maneuver.”
Artur Szpunar:
The 2019 Alchemy has been upgraded with a diagonal load carrying panel above the boom which further improves stability while under twist loads. Extra wide unidirectional Kevlar load strips have been added to the foot as well as clew and work together with the load oriented WARP-PATH™ panel layout to lock in shaping and achieve excellent balance and stability.