JP Super Ride GOLD

JP Super Ride GOLD



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JP super ride har en mer kompakt en Magic ride, noe som gjør de litt mer «eksplosive» slik at brettet får en høy toppfart men samtidig enkel å surfe på.
JP Super ride passer for den dedikerte windsurferen som vil ha et sportslig brett med stort vindregister.
Et spesielt anbefalt produkt av SurfOne.

Dette sier produsenten selv om brettet:

hese boards sit right between the manoeuvrable Magic Ride and racy Super Sport. They jump on the plane early, are capable of serious top speeds and at the same time feel extremely comfortable and easy to ride. Control is never an issue – even when fully powered up. Smooth - that’s how they carve into turns and which makes them great for wide and tight gybes alike. Positioned right in the centre of the freeride class, the Super Rides are simply great all-round boards for every rider!
Their rounded outline is derived from the Magic Rides. The narrow tail creates additional outline curve. Your success rate of making all kinds of gybes and the fact that you will plane out of them will leave you and your sailing buddies speechless. They are compact and relatively short overall and not too wide in the midsection. The centre of gravity is close to the mast base, which reduces swing weight, provides an incredibly smooth ride and gives you a lot of control. The parallel outline delivers stability when not planing. All this makes it a real pleasure to ride in all conditions. The smoothly domed deck shape guarantees a comfortable stance and makes it easy to get into the footstraps, no matter whether you chose the inboard or outboard option. All strap options provide good leverage to load up the fin and accelerate.
Super Ride details A true all-rounder. The bottom curve and V flow from the performance boards resulting in excellent early planing, explosive acceleration and incredible top speed. This makes them slightly sportier than the new Magic Rides. In fact, riders who are not as advanced will be faster with the Super Rides than with the performance oriented Super Sports, because it is effortless to sail fast with the Super Rides. A trade mark of these shapes is that they reach incredible pace even in moderate winds. The high water position lets the boards fly over chop. Even big chop won’t bother you or slow you down.
All SUPER RIDES come with foil approved fin boxes ( specially reinforced for foils with deep tuttle bases.)

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