Ensis Score Wing 2022

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Størrelse: 4.5
Farge: Blue
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Ensis Score er en av verdens mest solgte vinger, av den enkle grunn at den er referansen for stabilitet, for hvor fort den går, og hvor lett den er i hånden. Dette har også ført til at den er verdens mestvinnende vinge innenfor wingsport. 

Oppskriften til Ensis er enkel: ha den beste designeren, ha det beste utviklingsteamet med Balz Müller i spissen, og bruke den beste fabrikken med industriens beste materialer.

Ensis Score vingene kommer i seks forskjellige størrelser, og de presterer nøyaktig like godt i en liten bris som i storm: vingen er superstabil, gir deg massevis av power og god fart på brettet. Ensis-vingene gir deg masse moro, enten du bruker den på et vanlig SUP-brett eller med et foilbrett. Ensis-vingene er letthåndterlige, og i tillegg enkle og raske å rigge opp og ned.

Med Ensis-vingen kommer du deg raskere ut på vannet, får mer tid til å ha det gøy, lærer lettere og blir raskt en bedre wingfoil/wingsurfer!

windsurf.co.uk sier dette om Ensis Score :



Detailed and well engineered, the quality of the Ensis is abundantly apparent in both appearance and performance. Crisp in power and precise in control, it is a pleasure to use.


“The SCORE is for everyone who wants to feel pure passion on the water – from discoverers to the pro. The ENSIS wings are well-known for their high performance and the SCORE will amaze you with its power and stability.”



The Score is new to the Ensis fold for 2021, the first of its kind with windows. These transparent panels are said to be produced in an “exclusive tempered film”, reliably tested to withstand the rigours of cold Swiss winters, and also pack down easily, without fear of being damaged or weakened. The film is also said to possess a similar elasticity to the Japanese-made triple ripstop material used in the canopy (Tejin 3 x 3), ensuring the performance of the wing isn’t compromised. Unrolling the Score, it is inflated using the supplied Max Flow connector that fits onto a conventional ‘bayonet’ kite pump, the central strut inflating quickly thanks to the two 9 mm hoses feeding it from the leading edge. The planform of the wing is relatively high aspect, the leading edge exhibiting a soft vee geometry, whilst the canopy is certainly one of the tighter in the group. The struts themselves are medium to thick in diameter and are recommended for use with an inflated range of 6 to 8 PSI, (the higher end of that scale tending to be our preferred choice). The leading edge also plays witness to additional stitching along its length, said to use “the highest resistance thread” to help provide reinforcement and ensure the frame’s rigidity. It is certainly a quality looking product, with evidence of real detail and consideration, without adding unnecessary weight. Features such as the elasticated wrist leash possessing an ‘extension section’ that can be taken off should the pilot desire a shorter leash; or the push valve incorporated, allowing for quick and easy deflation after a session. Little additions that all add value.

On the water the Score was popular with all who tried it. It retains the brand’s hallmark long, tight handles along the central strut – with a shorter one sandwiched between two much longer ones. The concept is that the rider’s hands naturally gravitate to the correct position on the handle, dependent on the conditions, rider weight, riding style and ability. They might take some getting used to, and we have to say the external webbing of the handles can be a bit abrasive on soft hands initially, but the control and direct connection provided with the wing’s power as a result, is fantastic. Easy to fly cleanly and progress from knees to feet, the Score generates good power and feedback as a gust hits, but is also very capable in pumping. The rigid structure presented by the struts provides the framework, and the tight canopy offers the punch and drive, rewarding the rider with the desired response to the energy they put in. Once going, the Score accelerates smoothly in the hands and feels very balanced and stable in flight. The power delivery is crisp, making the Score feel alert, and it depowers in an instant as soon as the back hand is eased out. In transition the Score floats around effortlessly, going neutral without issue and displaying real stability, with minimal trailing edge flutter, when parked. And as for the visibility provided by the new windows? Well, they are certainly some of the better placed windows seen in the wings on the market today … and we’ll let you be your own judge on whether, ultimately, they are necessary!





Size: 5.2m

Weight: 2.79 kg

Canopy Style: Tight.

Recommended PSI: 6 to 8

Centre Strut Inflation: Double tube.

Handles: 2 long, 1 short.

Supplied with: Bag, leash.

Available Sizes: 2.8, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.2, 6.2.


(Key Features:

  • FOR FIRST ATTEMPTS UP TO THE PRO: The wing flies extremely stable, is light in the hand and has incredible power and propulsion for starting, cruising and jumping. Ideal for everyone, from first discovery to professional level.
  • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE IN ALL WIND STRENGTHS: The unique design enables this perfect combination of stability, power and propulsion. Ideal for light winds up to gusts of wind. The sailcloth is stretched even without wind pressure, so that flutter is reduced and maximum control is guaranteed.
  • FOR FREERIDE, WAVE AND FREESTYLE: Enormous propulsion, easily controllable power and perfect stability – these properties are combined with easy handling and guarantee maximum fun while freeriding, riding waves and freestyle.
  • PERFECTLY PLACED HANDLES: The 4 handles are exactly where they need to be. 3 wide handles for perfect hand placement and a narrow handle in the middle of the strut for the harness ropes. For all windsurfers who don’t want to do without a boom: thanks to the eyelet at the end of the strut, a boom can be easily mounted
  • HIGHEST MATERIAL QUALITY, PRECISE PROCESSING: The highest quality was ensured with every piece processed. The wing is extremely robust and light.
  • SMALL PACKAGE TO TAKE WITH YOU: The wing can be folded up very small and simply carried in the bag.
Tech Features:
  • ROBUST, LIGHTWEIGHT CANVAS: Tejin 3×3 fabric is used for the wing, the best material currently available on the market. The cloth from Japan combines stiffness and weight in the best possible proportion. Together with ENSIS Canopy, we were able to develop the robust, stiff and yet light ENSIS material concept.
  • REINFORCED WINDOWS: The clear windows are reinforced so that the expansion gradient between the canvas and the window material is minimal. ENSIS windows create an optimal view with maximum power.
  • STRONG, COMFORTABLE HANDLES: The handles are made of highly resilient, plasticized fabric mixed with EVA. They are stiff and still comfortable to hold. Each handle is connected to the strut by a reinforcement that is wrapped around it. This distributes the force across the entire strut and not just concentrates on the junction. ENSIS handles allow very direct wing control.
  • RESISTANT FRONT TUBE: The leading edge is reinforced with particularly resilient material in all connecting segments and in the wing tips. These ENSIS reinforcements prevent the tubes from chafing and thus increase the service life of the wing.
  • STABLE TEAR-OFF EDGE: The trailing edge is reinforced with a Dyneema tape and is therefore much more resilient. This reduces flutter and ensures less wear and tear.
  • FAST ONE-PUMP SYSTEM: The max-flow valve and the double inflate / deflate valves enable rapid inflation and equally rapid deflation.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY OF THE TUBE SEAMS: The seams of the leading edge and the strut are offset with a layer of insignia. For the seams we use a highly resilient special thread from UK production. The ENSIS tubes are made for an extreme internal pressure of 7 to 9 psi. This enables the ENSIS Wing to have a maximally stable leading edge and strut.

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